TREANT HEALER - Character Illustration Tutorial

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TREANT HEALER is the first character design tutorial, based on community feedback. This piece in particular was inspired by the concept proposed by Mirwan Jomaa.

Mirwan writes - "I think it would be cool to create humanoid-style Treants and maybe push it in the direction of the Na'vi from Avatars. You could for example, give it a more war-like persona and figure, or perhaps lean towards more of a healer-type character"

I was very inspired by this idea, and decided to chose the "healer" type this time around. I generally prefer portraying trees as sources of positive energy, so leaning towards the healer role felt a bit more intuitive to me.

The entire painting took about 220 minutes to complete (4 hours) - entire tutorial is shot in real-time. This is still open-ended, and I will be putting more work into this cool character.

TREANT HEALER PART ONE - Creating the foundation

Treant Healer is in most part, a value piece, recorded in real-time. Part one focuses on establishing the base forms, composition and lighting. It takes you straight through to a solid base, ready for detailing and touchups.

TREANT HEALER TWO - Character Detailing

Chapter two picks up where we left off, and focuses on detailing and value adjustments, all the way to the finished piece.

TREANT HEALER THREE - Color, detail and finishing touches

Due to a few corrupted files, part 3 skips ahead a bit, and offers a quick demonstration on how the coloring of this piece was done. In real-time, I demonstrate how the final touches were added.


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